Saturday, March 6, 2010

ADD@Work News!

I realized I havent posted a lot here and that's mostly due to the videos I'm working on and other projects like ScrewAttack and YouTube Hell. So, bit of news! The Indie Vault got featured on Armor Games's Blog again with the Upgrade Complete video:

Here's what they had to say:

Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) should fly on over to the screw attack website to check out the awesome video review of Upgrade Complete that was recently posted there.

It really is nice to get positive feedback in any form for work you do, but when someone goes to all that effort just to provide you with positive feedback (and entertain viewers, of course) it really makes you smile. Upgrade Complete was one of those games that received almost universal acclaim for its quirkiness, most often for how unique the idea behind it all was, when in actual fact the entire project was pretty much molded around the idea of Johns “Achievement Unlocked”, only taking a jab at a different aspect of gaming. I actually however, quite like the feeling of upgrading items/weapons/computers to run the latest games, so I hope no Upgrade friendly developers took too much offense (The end screen was, at one point, criticized for being too insulting, oh well!).

I hope everyone is having a good year so far, and I’ll be getting back to you very soon with some exciting updates! Thanks to Dan for showing me this great link :)

And Thank You Armor Games! Keep on rocking the Indie World!

Also, I don't normally post what the new videos are going to be on because so far they've been up in the air when each new one is up. But I spent some time getting permission from some Indie Developers and I can post what new videos are coming up. These are tentative dates so there's no guarantee of when the videos will be up.

Having said that, there's a short list of what to expect:

Indie Vault:
Bop N' Pop!: Interview with Tru Fun Entertainment's Chris Bryant
March 10th or 11th

Halfbrick Echoes
March 18th or 19th

The TIGSource Retrospective
April 1st or 2nd

ScrewAttack and YouTube Hell
More Promo Video Every Month

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