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Old Blog: SGC Youtube Hell Playlist

Back in 2009, held it's first convention SGC (ScrewAttack Gaming Convention) and for the convention I hosted a panal of a ton of Youtube clips playing on Midnight Saturday at the event. This blog is a link to the forum post and a thank you note to all the g1s.

This blog was published July 6th 2009

Youtube hell promo

The YouTube Playlist: ... E253F164C0

The Complete list of YouTube Submissions:

Also: Here's Keavy's Review of the awesome Coen Brothers flick The Big Lebowski that I pushed off with this post.

Hey g1's

Ok, I don't know about everyone who went to my little three hour panel featuring YouTube videos submitted by g1s but I will say it was a FUCKING BLAST!!!!!!! When Do The Mario first came on and the room started dancing, when the crowd quoted Powerthirst, or when they gasped at the remains of a Pikachu doll in the microwave, it turned into one of the best moments of the entire con.

All g1's with vids that made it into hell will receive g1 points added to their score. It will either be 100 or 150 for each video that made it. The points reward will be decided on later in the week.

After experiencing the event and taking some time to absorb the reactions I felt had room for improvement during the Hell, here is a small list of changes for SGC 2010:

Change from Midnight on Saturday to Friday at (Hopefully) 9
Higher Resolution
Play on a DVD for faster Fast-Forwards
Bigger Room (Help me to convince Craig :) )

And Most Importantly: We Need Hard-Gay :wink:

I would like to again give very VERY special thank you to everyone who submitted videos to Hell. Also a special thanks to Hybrid Rain and Aggressive Sock for speaking about their videos before the presentation started.

Not to get too serious and personal with this, I wanted to mention that when I first started this Internship I knew I had a responsibility to the g1 community to do my best in meeting the expectations of both you and the rest of the ScrewAttack crew. Then on Sunday at SGC, I ran into g1's all over the place thanking me for all the work I've done. I was busy that last day and didn't get a lot of time to properly thank all of them, but thanks to everyone who said that. It fills my heart with joy that people who don't know exactly who I am came up to me and gave my your thumbs up. To all g1's, you are the absolute heart and soul of not only the event and convention, but the entire website. Thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful evening.

If you have any comments, complaints, or criticisms for YouTube Hell, feel free to post here. See you at SGC 2010, WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep on Rockin'
Mark the Intern

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