Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fight Smack in the Orphanage NOW!

Mostly for this blog I do some reviews or maybe throw in a few words for the games or movie industries but this time I wanted to bring attention to a little non-profit organization that has a pretty ingenious idea for getting attention to a movie. It'll be pretty hard for Greenpeace to compete with a name like Fight Smack in the Orphanage.

At first I thought it was a real cause, it's actually a pretty clever way to market the new blaxploitation spoof film Black Dynamite coming out later this month. It also makes a pretty clever statement of how easily it is to manipulate. The film is essentially a parody of the Blaxploitation genre's pretentiousness as being a sometimes over-analyzed, anti-hollywood school of filmmaking; the site is doing a lot of the same things with the pretentiousness of "fighting the power."

It even makes reference to a book published in the 70's called We Are A Gentle Angry People: The Rise of Orphan Smack Addiction in the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century with all sorts of misinformation and plagiarism. Part of what it's saying is not everyone's perfect, we just try the best we can in power or otherwise.

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